Commit 8442c081 authored by Gary Wong's avatar Gary Wong

Bug fix for reservation end time computation of existing experiments.

The code used $end (computed autoswap time) instead of $endtime.  This
could cause underestimation of the length of time an experiment could
occupy nodes in cases where $endtime came later (which can happen in
GENI slices).
parent c8b76639
......@@ -578,8 +578,8 @@ sub LookupAll($$;$)
# Handle the case where an experiment is swapped in. The
# nodes aren't free right now, but at some time in the
# future they could become so.
my $res = CreateExisting( $class, $pid, $eid, $uid, $end, $type,
$count );
my $res = CreateExisting( $class, $pid, $eid, $uid, $endtime,
$type, $count );
push( @reservations, $res );
} else {
# Physical nodes with no reservations whatsoever... treat
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