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Update console section, as pointed out by Jay.

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......@@ -232,7 +232,14 @@
interact with using the unix <tt>tip</tt> utility. To "tip" to
"pc1" in your experiment, ssh into <b></b>, and
then type <tt>tip pc1</tt> at the unix prompt. You may then
interact with the serial console.
interact with the serial console. The console output is also saved
for each node so that you may look at it it later. For each node,
the console log is stored as <tt>/var/log/tiplogs/</tt>.
This <em>run</em> file is created when nodes are first allocated
to an expirement, and the unix permissions of the run files permit
just members of the project to view them. When the nodes are
deallocated, the run files are cleared, so if you want to save
them, you must do so before terminating the experiment.
The Sharks also have serial console lines, but because of the
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