Commit 83bf2eea authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci
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Add log entry about displaying experiments using each image/OS

parent b4648c4e
ricci 2004/02/27 16:36:37 MST
Modified files:
www showimageid.php3 showosinfo.php3
Add a function to showstuff.php3 to display all experiments using a
given OSID, and include this view on the image and osinfo pages.
Revision Changes Path
1.13 +37 -1 testbed/www/showimageid.php3
1.8 +11 -1 testbed/www/showosinfo.php3
1.127 +66 -0 testbed/www/showstuff.php3
stoller 2004/02/17 15:06:34 MST
Modified files:
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