Commit 83827215 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

Structure of tftpboot tarball has changed. There are now subdirs for

pxeboot47 and pxeboot62 to reflect the new FreeBSD 6.2 based pxeboot.
The latter is still experimental...
parent cfe47161
......@@ -36,9 +36,12 @@ mfs-entries.sql
at the beginning of the file to make sure it matches your DB before
performing the INSERT commands.
This is a specialized version of the FreeBSD boot loader.
Serial-line (-sio), VGA (-vga), and null (-null) console versions
There is a version for use with the 4.7 based system (pxeboot47)
and one for the FreeBSD 6.2 system (pxeboot62). In each of these
directories, there are three versions of the boot loader:
serial-line (-sio), VGA (-vga), and null (-null) console versions
of our standard PXE-booted startup. Whichever you choose should
be renamed as /tftpboot/pxeboot.emu (or whatever your boss dhcpd.conf
file says).
......@@ -55,6 +58,7 @@ MFSes. You almost certainly want to use the 6.2 versions since 6.2 supports
more hardware. If you have any problems with those, then try the 4.7 versions.
In summary, I recommend:
pxeboot62/pxeboot.emu-{sio,vga} (pick one and rename to "pxeboot.emu")
frisbee62 (rename to "frisbee")
freebsd62 (rename to "freebsd")
freebsd62.newnode (rename to "freebsd.newnode")
......@@ -74,4 +78,4 @@ loader to drop into interactive mode. Make sure you replace the loader.conf
file in the three subdirectories with the -null version as well.
[ This file is a copy of doc/customize-mfs.txt in the Emulab source tree. ]
[ Last updated 01/10/07 ]
[ Last updated 03/02/07 ]
......@@ -1358,24 +1358,25 @@ sub SetupBossNode()
# Its the generic stuff; must localize.
my $fv = $emulabconfig{"MFSVERSION"};
if (! -e "/tftpboot/freebsd${fv}") {
$fv = "47";
my $pdir = ".";
if (-d "/tftpboot/pxeboot${fv}") {
$pdir = "pxeboot${fv}";
my $cons = $emulabconfig{"MFSCONSOLE"};
if (! -e "/tftpboot/pxeboot.emu-${cons}") {
if (! -e "/tftpboot/$pdir/pxeboot.emu-${cons}") {
$cons = "sio";
mysystem("cd /tftpboot; mv pxeboot.emu-${cons} pxeboot.emu");
mysystem("cd /tftpboot; mv $pxebootdir/pxeboot.emu-${cons} pxeboot.emu");
print "Using ${cons} version of pxeboot...\n";
my $fv = $emulabconfig{"MFSVERSION"};
if (! -e "/tftpboot/freebsd${fv}") {
$fv = "47";
mysystem("cd /tftpboot; mv freebsd${fv} freebsd");
print "Using freebsd${fv} version of admin MFS...\n";
$fv = $emulabconfig{"MFSVERSION"};
if (! -e "/tftpboot/frisbee${fv}") {
$fv = "47";
mysystem("cd /tftpboot; mv frisbee${fv} frisbee");
print "Using frisbee${fv} version of disk load MFS...\n";
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