Commit 83631025 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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In magent, if --peerserverport=0, then do not create a peer server port.

This is in support of Jon's desire to have the stub not be a traffic

Currently if the script is started up with the environment
variable MAGENT_NORECV set, it will use the magent option and also start
up an iperfd on what would have been the peer server port.
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......@@ -291,11 +291,13 @@ enum { SNIFF_WAIT = 10 };
void KernelTcp::init(void)
// Set up the peerAccept socket
if (global::peerServerPort != 0) {
global::peerAccept = createServer(global::peerServerPort,
"Peer accept socket (No incoming peer "
"connections will be accepted)");
logWrite(PEER_CYCLE, "Created peer server on port %d",
// Set up the connectionModelExemplar
global::connectionModelExemplar.reset(new KernelTcp());
......@@ -10,16 +10,26 @@ ARGS=$*
# Start up our own measurement agent
if [ $MAGENT_NORECV -ne 0 ]; then
port=`echo $ARGS | sed -e 's/.*--peerserverport=\([0-9][0-9]*\).*/\1/'`
ARGS=`echo $ARGS | sed -e "s/--peerserverport=$port/--peerserverport=0/"`
echo "${IPERFD_DIR}/$IPERFD -p $port"
${IPERFD_DIR}/$IPERFD -p $port &
$SH ${MAGENT_DIR}/ --daemonize $ARGS
# Kill the agent if we get killed - TODO: harsher kill?
# Because the magent backgrounds itself, it's harder to figure out
# what its pid is, just just do a killall
# Note that we assume that a kill of us is "normal" and just exit 0.
trap "$AS_ROOT killall $MAGENT; exit 0" TERM
trap "$AS_ROOT killall $TARGETS; exit 0" TERM
# Wait for all of the agents to start
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