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Add listing of supported events.

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......@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ example.
Each link is has an NS "Queue" object associated with it, which you
can modify to suit your needs. (<em>currently, there is a single queue
object per duplex link; you can cannot set the parameters
asymmetrically). The following paramsters can be changed, and are
asymmetrically). The following parameters can be changed, and are
defined in the NS manual (see Section 7.3):
set queue0 [[$ns link $nodeA $nodeB] queue]
......@@ -119,7 +119,7 @@ Lastly, a set of events to control your applications and link
$ns at 60.0 "$cbr0 start"
$ns at 70.0 "$link0 bandwidth 10Mb"
$ns at 70.0 "$link0 bandwidth 10Mb duplex"
$ns at 80.0 "$link0 delay 10ms"
$ns at 90.0 "$link0 plr 0.05"
$ns at 100.0 "$link0 down"
......@@ -231,3 +231,62 @@ Some points worth mentioning:
dropped. We expect to add error feedback in the future.
Supported Events
This is a (mostly) comprehensive list of events that you can specify,
either in your NS file or as a dynamic event on the command line. In
the listings below, the use of "link0", "cbr0", etc. are included to
clarify the syntax; the actual object names will depend on your NS
file. Also note that when sending events from the command line with
<tt>tevc</tt>, you should not include the dollar ($) sign. For
<table border=0>
<td> NS File:</td>
<td><code></pre>$ns at 3.0 "$link0 down"</pre></code></td>
<td> tevc:</td>
<td><code></pre>tevc -e pid/eid +3.0 link0 down</pre></code>
<li> Links:
<li> $link0 up
<li> $link0 down
<li> $link0 bandwidth 10Mb duplex
<li> $link0 delay 10ms
<li> $link0 plr 0.1
<li> Queues: Queues are special. In your NS file you modify the actual
queue, while on the command line you use the link that queue is
part of.
<li> $queue0 set queue-in-bytes_ 0
<li> $queue0 set limit_ 75
<li> $queue0 set maxthresh_ 20
<li> $queue0 set thresh_ 7
<li> $queue0 set linterm_ 11
<li> $queue0 set q_weight_ 0.004</code></pre>
<li> CBR
<li> $cbr0 start
<li> $cbr0 set packetSize_ 512
<li> $cbr0 set interval_ 0.01
<li> $cbr0 set rate_ 10Mbs
<li> $cbr0 stop
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