Commit 81fea716 authored by Mac Newbold's avatar Mac Newbold

Make it show username in addition to unix UID. Duh.

parent 0b05a0ae
......@@ -125,16 +125,15 @@ if (@nodes < 1) { fatal("No valid nodes supplied.\n"); }
# Figure out who called us. Only root, people with admin status
# in the DB, or members of the right project can do this.
if ($UID && !TBAdmin($UID)) {
my ($me) = getpwuid($UID)
my ($me) = getpwuid($UID)
or fatal("$UID not in passwd file\n");
#debug("Not an admin.\n");
if ($UID && !TBAdmin($UID)) {
if (! TBNodeAccessCheck($UID,TB_NODEACCESS_MODIFYINFO,@nodes)) {
fatal("os_select: You do not have permission to modify ".
"one or more of the nodes.\n");
"one or more of the nodes. ($me/$UID)\n");
debug("$UID: Access granted to all nodes requested.\n");
} else { debug("$UID: Running as an admin.\n"); }
debug("$me/$UID: Access granted to all nodes requested.\n");
} else { debug("$me/$UID: Running as an admin.\n"); }
my $pernodeopmode=0;
my $opmode = os_opmode($osid);
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