Commit 81f022a0 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

Diffs for FreeBSD 4.10 libstand and boot loader necessary to produce our

pxeboot program.
parent f1b17f60
This directory contains diffs for a clean FreeBSD 4.10 RELEASE tree.
These diffs, for the lib/libstand and sys/boot source directories,
are necessary to build the "pxeboot" first-stage boot loader used on
Emulab nodes.
These are primarily robustness changes for the standalone TFTP code.
There is also a bug fix or two, and a patch to have bootp/dhcp recognize
and respect the TFTP server name option (66). To apply this patch:
(cd <yoursrcdir>; patch -p2) < libstand.diffs
Install the new version of the library with:
cd <yoursrcdir>/lib/libstand
make install
These changes are compatible with, and should not effect, any other
boot programs.
Primarily this patch adds a subdirectory (sys/boot/i386/emuboot) for
the PXE-loaded first-stage boot loader we use.
Most of the other diffs are in support of this loader (typically
conditionally compiled/assembled via the 'TESTBED' symbol). There
are new options in sys/boot/i386/ for forcing the serial
console, or changing its speed or port number, make sure these are
correct for your site. The ETHERBOOT_* conditionals are a hack to
get our pxeboot to load and run when booted via an older, modified
version of etherboot. These changes no longer for newer versions
of etherboot.
There is also a directory (sys/boot/i386/emuboot0) which is a slightly
modified version of boot0 (the MBR-resident boot loader) that just
reboots the machine unless explicitly told what to do after a short time.
This is a fall-back in case PXE booting fails (due to a transient load
on the network) and the BIOS falls back to booting from disk. This will
force the machine to keep rebooting and retrying PXE until it works.
Apply this patch with:
(cd <yoursrcdir>; patch -p2) < sysboot.diffs
Then modify the i386/ file as appropriate and build with:
cd <yoursrcdir>/sys/boot
DON'T DO AN INSTALL HERE. I am less certain that these changes are
compatible with all existing boot code. Instead:
cp -p /tftpboot/pxeboot.emu /tftpboot/pxeboot.emu.bak
cp <yoursrcdir>/sys/boot/i386/emuboot/pxeboot /tftpboot/pxeboot.emu
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