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More tweaks for GEC9

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\title{GEC 8 ProtoGENI Tutorial}
\date{20th July, 2010}
\author{James Griffioen \and Hussamuddin Nasir \and Robert Ricci \and
Gary Wong}
\title{GEC 9 ProtoGENI Tutorial}
\date{November 2nd, 2010}
\author{Jonathon Duerig \and James Griffioen \and Hussamuddin Nasir \and Robert Ricci}
\section{Basic slice operation}
\item Connect to the client machine:\\
ssh to \emph{username}{\tt}\\
{\tt cd /proj/gec8tutorial/scripts}
{\tt cd /proj/gec9tutorial/scripts}
\item Store your passphrase (optional):\\
{\tt ./}
\item Inspect your account:\\
......@@ -39,12 +38,12 @@ Try editing a copy of {\tt gec.rspec}\\
Please refer to the documentation available from:
\noindent{}Note that the instrumentation tools are available on {\tt}, in:
\begin{quote}{\tt /proj/gec8tutorial/tarfiles/INSTOOLSv3\_0.tgz}\end{quote}
\begin{quote}{\tt /proj/gec9tutorial/tarfiles/INSTOOLSv3\_0.tgz}\end{quote}
\item To create an experiment:\\
{\tt python -n} \emph{slicename} {\tt $\backslash$}\\
{\tt -m
\item To instrument this experiment:\\
{\tt python -n} \emph{slicename}
\item To generate traffic from {\tt ky1} to {\tt ky2}:\\
......@@ -53,5 +52,5 @@ rspecs/gec8-kentucky.rspec}
\section{Emulab frontend}
This part of the tutorial is described on the WWW:
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
\title{Command Line Slice Creation}
\author{Jonathon Duerig\\ University of Utah}
\date{20th July, 2010}
\date{November 2nd, 2010}
\newcommand{\heading}[1]{{\fontseries{b}\selectfont\begin{center}{\LARGE\color{red} #1}\end{center}}}
\newcommand{\code}[1]{\begin{center}{\tt #1}\end{center}}
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