Commit 7e36175b authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci
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Fix build when EVENTSYS is turned off - we still need libtb, even

when not using the event system.
parent 4558a3aa
......@@ -35,14 +35,15 @@ CFLAGS += -Wall \
-DDEFAULT_PATH='"/tftpboot/pxeboot.newnode"' \
LFLAGS = ${OBJDIR}/lib/libtb/libtb.a
ifeq ($(EVENTSYS),1)
BI_DBSRC += event-support.c
BI_DBOBJ += event-support.o
`elvin-config --cflags vin4c`
LFLAGS += $(OBJDIR)/event/lib/libevent.a ${OBJDIR}/lib/libtb/libtb.a \
`elvin-config --libs vin4c` -lcrypto
LFLAGS += $(OBJDIR)/event/lib/libevent.a `elvin-config --libs vin4c` -lcrypto
bootinfo: bootinfo.o bootinfo.h bootinfo_version.o bootwhat.h $(BI_DBOBJ)
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