Commit 7e219a4a authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller

Temporary hack; make sure user uids are not in the deleted_users table

until I figure out the rest of deleted users wrt stats. I was working on
this at some point, and some crisis must have intervened ...
parent 30a8fbc2
......@@ -877,10 +877,13 @@ function TBUserInfo($uid, &$user_name, &$user_email)
function TBCurrentUser($uid)
$query_result =
$current_result =
DBQueryFatal("SELECT usr_pswd FROM users WHERE uid='$uid'");
return mysql_num_rows($query_result);
$deleted_result =
DBQueryFatal("SELECT usr_name FROM deleted_users WHERE uid='$uid'");
return mysql_num_rows($current_result) + mysql_num_rows($deleted_result);
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