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More stuff TO DO.

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[This file is not kept entirely up to date.]
* From: Robert P Ricci <>
Subject: Re: Disabled Web
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2003 11:12:35 -0600
> Seems it might be good to have a way to just disable swap in/out/mod
> instead of the whole interface, sine most of the time, that's really all
> we need to disable.
Acutally, it occurs to me that we should have some way to lock tbswap
from running at all - for example, if we lock the web interface 'cause
things are broken, the batch daemon and/or idleswap can go behind our
backs and do potentially harmful things.
* From: Jay Lepreau <>
Subject: Re: "Queued" experiments
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2003 19:41:54 MDT
Seems to me it's mostly a UI matter, and reporting from assign.
As Mac suggests, we would probably just change the "batch" checkbox to, say
[ ] Queue and retry if not enough resources.
And possibly change the idle-swap time to something low, as I suggested.
However, can assign_wrapper be sure it's simply not enough resources,
and that they haven't (say) typoed (eg, asking for 1000Mb), or done
something more complex wrong?
If there is no penalty for doing this auto-retrying, everyone will do it.
For example, currently we only allow one concurrent batch job per user.
* Fix "auto" problem on CDROM, and allow override of DHCP'ed hostname.
Add USB support. (keyboard, mass storage, mouse, hci, ohci, generic)
* Fix tmcd/fork problem (events out of order).
* Supply form args to beginexp page, and allow inline NS files.
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