Commit 7d906f04 authored by Russ Fish's avatar Russ Fish
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osid and imageid node type attrs are integer idx's.

parent 8200f393
......@@ -448,10 +448,12 @@ foreach $attr_name (@attr_names) {
UserError("NodeType OSID Attr: $attr_name is not an osid.")
if (!exists($osids->{$attr_value}));
$attr_types{$attr_name} = "integer"; # An idx is an integer attr.
elsif ($attr_type eq "imageid") {
UserError("NodeType Image ID Attr: $attr_name is not an imageid.")
if (!exists($imageids->{$attr_value}));
$attr_types{$attr_name} = "integer"; # An idx is an integer attr.
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