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Describe control of rdesktop/rxvt/Bash color modes.

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......@@ -472,7 +472,14 @@ Here are some fine points and hints for RDP logins to remote Windows desktops:
These are the ones to use if you're connecting from an X
workstation. </li> <br>
workstation. <p>
<b>NOTE:</b> The default colors used in Bash and rxvt don't work
well in 4-bit color mode under RDP. Make sure you update your to get the rdesktop <b><code>-a 16</code></b> argument
for 16-bit color. Or, you can over-ride the rxvt defaults by
putting lines in your <code>~/.Xdefaults</code> file like this:
<br> <code>rxvt*background: steelblue</code> </li> <br>
<li> The <b><code>Cygwin</code> shells</b> run in a </b>Windows Terminal</b>
window, just as the Windows cmd.exe does. These are the ones to use
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