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notes on how to figure out which node port goes to which cisco and what

to do when you find out
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Some notes on how to diagnose problems on the Cisco.
1. Looking at switch stats/status for a node interface.
Mac may have a wrapper for this, but here is the guts of what you have
to do. To look at the switch port for a particular enet card, first
figure out what switch port it is connected to!
mysql tbdb
select * from wires where node_id1='tbpcXX';
What you care about are node_id2/card2/port2. Node_id2 tells you which
cisco: "cisco" is the testbed cisco (``tip test'') and "cisco2" is the
control net cisco (``tip control''). card2/port2 give you the info you
need for the cisco-style card/port name (e.g., 3/39).
Armed with this info, tip to the correct cisco, login and enable.
Then you can do:
show port status card/port
show port card/port
for everything. If, say, the port is disabled, you can do:
set port enable card/port
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