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Commit 7d342436 authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci

Do a control-install in the rc.d subdirectory to get the elvind

startup script installed.
parent 1ca9dec2
......@@ -85,6 +85,7 @@ my $LIST_DIR = "/etc/mail/lists";
my $TIPLOG_DIR = "/var/log/tiplogs";
my $PORTSDIR = "/usr/ports/misc";
my $SRCDIR = '@srcdir@';
my $RCDIR = "/usr/local/etc/rc.d";
# And some lists that we use
......@@ -401,6 +402,13 @@ Phase "event", "Setting up event system", sub {
Phase "rc.d", "Setting up rc.d scripts", sub {
Phase "rc.testbed", "Installing testbed RC scripts", sub {
ExecQuietFatal("$GMAKE -C $TOP_OBJDIR/rc.d control-install");
print "----------------------------------------------------------------------\n";
print "Installation completed succesfully!\n";
print "Please reboot this machine before proceeding with boss setup\n";
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