Commit 7c93def6 authored by Grant Ayers's avatar Grant Ayers

Added note about preparing under each MFS directory

parent 732da48c
......@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ that your hardware is not supported, then contact Utah for more help.
In summary, I recommend:
pxeboot62/pxeboot.emu-{sio,vga} (pick one and rename to "pxeboot.emu",
then move it to /tftpboot)
then copy it to /tftpboot)
frisbee62 (rename to "frisbee")
freebsd62 (rename to "freebsd")
freebsd62.newnode (rename to "freebsd.newnode")
......@@ -64,7 +64,8 @@ Anyway, after choosing your MFSes, you should have three generic MFSes
(frisbee, freebsd, freebsd.newnode). The three MFSes unloaded are "generic"
in the sense that they don't have any of your (or our) Emulab keys or
passwords. That is ok for the "newnode" MFS, but the other two will need
to be customized for your site. See the README file in each boot
to be customized for your site. You will also need to run the 'prepare'
script for *each* of the three MFSes. See the README file in each boot
subdirectory for MFS-specific customization and installation instructions.
If you don't have VGA or serial lines, and it appears that nodes are not
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