Commit 7a71e8d3 authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson

Docker clientside bugfix: minor bug in vlandev bookkeeping.

parent 960ecb3a
......@@ -1966,12 +1966,12 @@ sub rootPreConfigNetwork($$$$)
# Temporary, to get existing devices after upgrade.
#mysystem2("$ETHTOOL -K $vdev tso off gso off");
$physdev = $vdev;
$brname = $prefix . $vdev;
# We save this so we can garbage-collect it in vnodeDestroy.
# But we don't remove it here if there's a failure.
$private->{'vlandevs'}->{$brname} = $vdev;
$physdev = $vdev;
$brname = $prefix . $vdev;
$brs{$brname}{ENCAP} = 1;
$brs{$brname}{SHORT} = 0;
$brs{$brname}{PHYSDEV} = $vdev;
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