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Make a note about the possible need for the perl HiRes timing module.

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......@@ -67,6 +67,11 @@ A. Things to understand up front:
- Perl. On FreeBSD 5, perl is not installed by default. Make sure you
have a version of perl5 installed.
- Perl HiRes timer module. If debugging timestamps are enabled in the
client scripts, you will need to install the HiRes module. Currently
this only happens in the mkjail script which is FreeBSD specific.
To install on FreeBSD, install the devel/p5-Time-HiRes port.
- Ethtool. On Linux, with certain NICs, you will need ethtool (instead
of mii-tool) so that the Emulab software can change link speed/duplex.
Just install an RPM.
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