Commit 7a668c3f authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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When uploading v2pmap to the DB, make that virtnodes get the right

pnode (this was causing tmcd hostnames to break cause it uses the
v2pmap table).
parent bd3386ff
......@@ -2070,10 +2070,23 @@ if ($query_result->numrows) {
# Adding to the v2pmap table
foreach my $vnode (keys(%v2pmap)) {
my $pnode = $v2pmap{$vnode};
my $pnode;
DBQueryFatal("insert into v2pmap (pid,eid,vname,node_id) values " .
# If a virtual node, the pnode is the virtual node, not the underlying
# physical node. The only place I know that cares about this table is
# dohosts() in tmcd.c, which gets the host table wrong inside a jail
# cause the pnode is not set properly.
if ($isvirtnode{$vnode}) {
$pnode = $v2vmap{$vnode};
else {
$pnode = $v2pmap{$vnode};
DBQueryFatal("insert into v2pmap (pid,eid,vname,node_id) values " .
TBDebugTimeStamp("uploading finished");
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