Commit 7a148ab4 authored by Kevin Atkinson's avatar Kevin Atkinson

BUG FIX: Make parse errors "User" errors again.

The problem is that comit f6d81289
(Changes from Pat Gunn at CMU: allow "at swapout"...) changed the exit
status of parse.proxy with this line:
  -    exec("nice -15 $parser @ARGV $nsfile");
  +    exec("nice -15 $parser @ARGV $nsfile|tee $tempdir/output.txt");
so parse-ns was not detecting that it failed.  It then processed to
run xmlconvert which detected that the ns parse failed.

The causes two problems, 1) my error handling code depends on the fact
that parse.proxy failed in order to determine it was a user error and
2) it causes the "Syntax Check" option to always report correct syntax
even when it shouldn't.
parent 9f7780d0
...@@ -175,8 +175,10 @@ if (! $pid) { ...@@ -175,8 +175,10 @@ if (! $pid) {
$nsfile = $tempdir . "/" . $nsfile; $nsfile = $tempdir . "/" . $nsfile;
} }
# exec("nice -15 $parser @ARGV $nsfile"); # Piping the output through "|tee" changes the exit status of this
exec("nice -15 $parser @ARGV $nsfile|tee $tempdir/output.txt"); # script so only use for debugging
exec("nice -15 $parser @ARGV $nsfile");
# exec("nice -15 $parser @ARGV $nsfile|tee $tempdir/output.txt");
die("Could not exec the parser!\n"); die("Could not exec the parser!\n");
} }
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