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Add an example of sending a link event written in python.

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#! /usr/local/bin/python
import sys
import time
from tbevent import *
server = "event-server"
port = None
keyfile = "/proj/emulab-ops/exp/one-node/tbdata/eventkey"
# Construct a regular client. Do this only once.
ec = EventClient(server=server, port=port, url=None, keyfile=keyfile)
# Allocate and initialize an address tuple like any other python object.
# You can reuse this tuple.
at = address_tuple()
at.objname = "link0"
at.eventtype = "modify"
at.expt = "emulab-ops/one-node"
# ... create our notification from the tuple.
note = ec.create_notification(at)
# Add extra arguments to the notification.
note.setArguments("bandwith=1000 delay=13");
# Schedule the notification for right now.
tval = timeval();
tval.tv_sec = long(time.time())
tval.tv_usec = 0;
# And Fire it.
ec.schedule(note, tval)
# Delete the notification.
del note
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