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<title>Utah Network Testbed - Web Interface FAQ</title>
<link rel='stylesheet' href='tbstyle.css' type='text/css'>
<base href='' target='dynamic'>
<!-- <base href='' target='dynamic'>
<h1>Utah Network Testbed - Web Interface FAQ</h1>
To protect any data you submit, SSL is used to encrypt data as it
is transfered accross the Internet. Therefore, you will need to
To protect data you submit, SSL is used to encrypt data as it
is transferred accross the Internet. Therefore, you will need to
access these pages with a browser that supports SSL. We recommend
Netscape 4.0 or greater, and we also recommend a screen resolution
Netscape 4.0 or greater, and also recommend a screen resolution
of at least 800x600 to avoid excessive scrolling.
<li><h3>What do I need to do to be able to use the Testbed?</h3>
If you're here on your own, or you're the leader of a group
of people who want to use the Testbed, the first step is to
apply to <em>create</em> a <em>project</em>. A project is an
entity that has been approved to use the Testbed, and the
project leader is held responsible for the actions of members of
his/her project. The leader can allow users to join the project
and use the Testbed as a member of his/her project. To create a
project, click on the link in the side bar titled 'Start a
Project'. Fill out the requested information, and your request
will be submitted to the Testbed Approval Committee.
<li><h3>Someone told me to join their project. How do I do that?</h3>
Go to the 'Join a Project' page, fill out the
form, and wait for the project leader to approve you. When
approved you will receive an email message saying so,
and you can then log into the Testbed.
<!-- Not implemented:
Your project leader will
control how much access you have to Testbed resources, within
the limits given to the project as a whole.
<li><h3>I'm already a Testbed user, but I'm collaborating with
another project. Can I join that project too?</h3>
Yes, if that project leader approves you.
Do the appropriate stuff on the 'Join a Project' page.
<li><h3>I've been approved. How do I use my account?</h3>
The first step would be to come back here and log in to the Web
interface. That will update the list of options in the side bar.
<!-- We don't support this fine granularity now. I hope.
You might be authorized to start projects or experiments, or
maybe just to use the nodes in an experiment. Either way, your
options will show up in the side bar.
Those will normally include starting a new "experiment" which leads to
reserving a set of nodes, which leads to automatic creation of Unix
accounts on those nodes for all members in your project. You will be
able to use ssh to log into those machines.
You will also receive an account on the master control machine
"", and from there will be able to access the test
nodes' serial line consoles via 'tip' as well as access console log
<li><h3>You still haven't answered my question. Who can I ask?</h3>
You can try the other web pages for the Testbed, located on the
<a href="">Testbed
Homepage</a>, or in the
<a href=""> Testbed
Documentation</a>. When all else fails, you may
<a href="">
send e-mail to Testbed Ops</a>(
Last modified on Oct 27, 2000</address>
<title>Utah Network Testbed - Control</title>
<title> Utah Network Testbed - Operations</title>
<body bgcolor=white>
<body bgcolor=white>
<h1>Welcome to Testbed Control</h1>
<a href="bigview1.jpg">
<img src="view1.jpg" alt="The Utah Network Testbed"></a>
<h1> Utah Network Testbed Operations</h1>
<a href = "pix/front-left-med.jpg"><img src="pix/front-right-small.jpg"
alt="Testbed Picture"></a>
<a href="pix/bigview1.jpg">
<img src="pix/view1.jpg" alt="Artist's Hallucination"></a>
<center><h2>Under Construction</h2></center>
<dt><a href="">Other Flux Testbed
<dd> This contains more information about what the Testbed is
and what it is for.
<dt><a href="">Current
<dd> This page has links to hardware and software details, a
tutorial, and all the new software we've written for the testbed.
<dt><a href="">
Web Interface (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)</a>
<dd> <address> (If your browser brings up a dialog about the
server certificate, make sure to accept the certificate) </address>
<center><h2>Available later today, Oct 27, 2000 (oops, off by one error)</h2></center>
Meanwhile, there is info on the
<a href="">base</a>
<a href="">documentation</a>
testbed pages.
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