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a couple of notes I hadn't checked in (minor details)

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......@@ -73,6 +73,11 @@ fabric (encapsulation).
Why virtual routing tables?
- cannot have multiple veths in the same subnet without this
- needed to route packets correctly through a topo when endpoints
are on the same host (ow, gets short-circuited).
- needed to support multiple vnodes with different routes to same
B. Implementation
......@@ -207,6 +212,20 @@ associated with a virtual node have the same ID, every virtual node has
its own unique ID. The route table ID is a local-node only value, different
physical nodes can use the same ID for different purposes.
More about the startup pieces:
vnodesetup hangs around so that you can signal it and easily
reboot the vnode. I guess the idea is that it is also jail/vserver
independent as opposed to... is jail specific and hangs around so that it can clean up
jail specific things when the jail exits. is the jail's init process. This is the single point of
contact for killing the jail.
/bin/sleep is just an artifact.
D. Examples
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