Commit 7849c792 authored by Kirk Webb's avatar Kirk Webb
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Fixed another minor bug.

parent 5c33e727
......@@ -947,12 +947,16 @@ class Plab:
slice = self.loadSlice(pid, eid)
loadedSlices[(pid, eid)] = slice
node = slice.loadNode(nodeid)
if tstamp <= now:
print "WARNING: Lease for %s %s/%s has expired!" % entry[:3]
if node.renew():
print "Failed to renew lease for %s %s/%s" % entry[:3]
if entry not in failedrenew:
if entry[3] < (now + (2*3600)):
if (tstamp - now) < (2*3600):
if entry in failedrenew:
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