Commit 783e38fd authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Make sure we set an sshd port on sharednodes.

parent ad548607
......@@ -3881,7 +3881,8 @@ sub AllocNodes($)
my $vpnodename = $self->solution_v2v()->{$vnodename};
my $vpnode = $self->pnodes()->{$vpnodename};
if ($vpnode->isjailed() || $vpnode->isremotenode()) {
if ($vpnode->isjailed() ||
$vpnode->isremotenode() || $vpnode->_onsharednode()) {
my $pnodename = $self->solution_v2p()->{$vnodename};
my $pnode = $self->pnodes()->{$pnodename};
my $sshdport = nextipportnum($pnode);
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