Commit 780f8d22 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Minor bug fix; remove obsolete code that sets the aggregate_uuid field

of the aggregate_history table.
parent 6df6a371
......@@ -449,13 +449,6 @@ sub SetAggregate($$)
" aggregate_idx='$agg_idx' ".
"where idx='$idx'"));
if (!DBQueryWarn("update aggregate_history set ".
" aggregate_uuid='$agg_uuid' ".
"where idx='$idx'")) {
print STDERR "GeniAggregate::SetAggregate: ".
"Failed to update aggregate_history for $self\n";
$self->{'AGGREGATE'}->{'aggregate_idx'} = $agg_idx;
$self->{'PARENT'} = $aggregate;
return 0;
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