Commit 776f0e8a authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Merge branch 'master' of

parents e70d79c6 2b2f70c8
......@@ -10,8 +10,17 @@ sub DoUpdate($$$)
# This is a fixup.
if (DBKeyExists("geni_authorities", "urn")) {
DBQueryFatal("ALTER TABLE `geni_authorities` drop key `urn`");
DBQueryFatal("ALTER TABLE `geni_authorities` " .
"add unique key `urn` (`urn`(255))");
DBQueryFatal( "ALTER TABLE `geni_authorities` " .
"MODIFY `type` enum( 'sa', 'ma', 'ch', 'cm', 'ses', 'am' ) " .
"MODIFY `type` enum( 'sa', 'ma', 'ch', 'cm', 'ses', 'am' ) ".
return 0;
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