Commit 7701cb31 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

When clicking the max extension checkbox, also make the input box

readonly to make it more clear that the input is ignored (the box
was already cleared).
parent efe0efb1
......@@ -122,16 +122,19 @@ $(function ()
if ($('#maximum-extension-checkbox').is(":checked")) {
current_extension_input = $('#howlong').val();
if (maxextension == null) {
alert("There is maximum extension!");
alert("There is no maximum extension!");
// Flip the checkbox back.
$('#maximum-extension-checkbox').prop("checked", false);
// Kill the input field, it will be ignored.
// And make it read only to make it clear.
$('#howlong').prop("readonly", true);
else {
$('#howlong').prop("readonly", false);
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