Commit 76d2a4e7 authored by Christopher Alfeld's avatar Christopher Alfeld
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assign.tcl - added code to add delay info to the database and deal

with link loss rate.
parent d474d40c
......@@ -25,6 +25,10 @@ if {[file exists $updir/../assign/assign]} {
set assign "$updir/../assign"
load /usr/testbed/lib/
set DB [sql connect]
sql selectdb $DB tbdb
set maxrun 5
set delaythresh .25
......@@ -89,13 +93,15 @@ foreach link [array names links] {
set dst [lindex $links($link) 2]
set bw [string trimright [lindex $links($link) 4] "MbmB"]
set delay [string trimright [lindex $links($link) 6] "msMS"]
set loss [lindex $links($link) 8]
if {($bw != 100 && $bw != 10) ||
$delay > $delaythresh} {
($delay > $delaythresh) ||
($loss > 0)} {
# we need a delay node
set nodes(delay$delayI) [list delay]
set rlinks(dsrc_$link) [list $src -1 delay$delayI -1 100Mb 100Mb 1ms 1ms]
set rlinks(ddst_$link) [list $dst -1 delay$delayI -1 100Mb 100Mb 1ms 1ms]
lappend delayinfo "$link delay$delayI $bw $delay"
lappend delayinfo "$link delay$delayI $bw $delay $loss"
incr delayI
} else {
set rlinks($link) $links($link)
......@@ -176,6 +182,7 @@ puts $fp "START virtual"
puts $fp "START nodes"
foreach switch [array names map] {
foreach pair $map($switch) {
set v2pmap([lindex $pair 0]) [lindex $pair 1]
puts $fp "$pair"
......@@ -261,6 +268,7 @@ foreach link [array names linktmpb] {
set llen [llength $linktmpb($link)]
set i 0
foreach l $linktmpb($link) {
set vlaninfo($link-$i) $l
puts $fp "$link-$i $l"
incr i
......@@ -279,4 +287,38 @@ close $fp
file delete $tmpfile
# Add delay info to database
# Note on interface numbers: A delayed link has two vlans
# <link>-0 and <link>-1 the second mac of -0 and the first mac
# of -1 are the two macs on the delay node and correspond to the two
# intercaces.
foreach line $delayinfo {
set link [lindex $line 0]
set node [lindex $line 1]
set bw [lindex $line 2]
set delay [lindex $line 3]
set loss [lindex $line 4]
# extra macs of the two interfaces
set mac0 [lindex $vlaninfo($link-0) 1]
set mac1 [lindex $vlaninfo($link-1) 0]
# use database to get interface numbers
sql query $DB "select card from interfaces where mac = \"$mac0\""
set int0 [sql fetchrow $DB]
sql endquery $DB
sql query $DB "select card from interfaces where mac = \"$mac1\""
set int1 [sql fetchrow $DB]
sql endquery $DB
# find the physical node for this dely
set pnode $v2pmap($node)
# remove any current entry in the delays table
sql exec $DB "delete from delays where node_id = \"$pnode\""
# add this entry
sql exec $DB "insert into delays (node_id,card0,card1,delay,bandwidth,lossrate) values (\"$pnode\",\"$int0\",\"$int1\",\"$delay\",\"$bw\",\"$loss\")"
puts "Done"
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