Commit 7539770a authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Allow admin (reddot) to turn off firewalling when experiment is

swapped out.
parent 59a919f4
......@@ -1324,9 +1324,16 @@ sub CheckFWinfo($)
# Experiment cannot go from firewalled to not firewalled, in either the
# swapped or active state.
if ($wasfirewalled && !$nowfirewalled) {
if (! $isadmin) {
$msg = "Not allowed to turn off firewalling!";
goto noway;
if ($curstate eq EXPTSTATE_ACTIVE()) {
$msg = "Not allowed to turn off firewalling while active!";
goto noway;
goto okay;
# Make sure there is at least one other node besides the firewalled node.
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