Commit 75377b0d authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Hmm, guess I did not commit this change along with the documentation:

Add "$ns rtproto Session" and change tge FAQ and tutorial as needed.
parent 8cac9c47
......@@ -499,6 +499,24 @@ Simulator instproc at {time eventstring} {
# Routing control. Right now, we do not support much at all.
Simulator instproc rtproto {type args} {
var_import ::GLOBALS::default_ip_routing_type
if {$args != {}} {
punsup "rtproto: arguments ignored: $args"
if {($type == "Session") || ($type == "ospf")} {
set default_ip_routing_type "ospf"
} else {
punsup "rtproto: unsupported routing protocol ignored: $type"
# unknown
# This is invoked whenever any method is called on the simulator
# object that is not defined. We interpret such a call to be a
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