Commit 75200214 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Change so that mkacct-ctrl runs before mkprojdir, since mkprojdir

does a chown to the new user, and I was not thinking to pass in a
numeric uid, and this is easier to change than the script. So there.
parent e003d991
......@@ -227,16 +227,16 @@ elseif (strcmp($approval, "approve") == 0) {
"Errors-To: $TBMAIL_WWW");
# Create the user accounts. Must be done *before* we create the
# project directory!
SUEXEC($uid, "flux", "mkacct-ctrl_wrapper $pid $headuid", 0);
# Create the project directory. If it fails, we will find out about it.
SUEXEC($uid, "flux", "mkprojdir_wrapper $pid", 0);
# Create the user accounts.
SUEXEC($uid, "flux", "mkacct-ctrl_wrapper $pid $headuid", 0);
echo "<h3><p>
Project $pid (User: $headuid) has been approved.
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