Commit 74c041a6 authored by Mac Newbold's avatar Mac Newbold

Nuke some 'new.gif's on some old stuff, and remove text about 'new' expt create form

parent cfdf8259
......@@ -65,10 +65,6 @@ function SPITFORM($formfields, $errors)
echo "</table><br>\n";
else {
# Temporary - July 17 was new form install - remove in
# mid august or september
echo "<h3>For more info about the new form, see the
<a href='news.php3'>July 17 News item</a>.</h3>\n";
if (!isset($nsdata) && !isset($nsref)) {
echo "<p><ul>
......@@ -151,13 +151,13 @@ function WRITESIDEBAR() {
WRITESIDEBARBUTTON("Documentation", $TBDOCBASE, "doc.php3");
if ($rootEmulab) {
WRITESIDEBARBUTTON_NEW("Papers (Aug 1)", $TBDOCBASE, "pubs.php3");
WRITESIDEBARBUTTON_NEW("Software <font size=-1> ".
WRITESIDEBARBUTTON("Papers (Aug 1)", $TBDOCBASE, "pubs.php3");
WRITESIDEBARBUTTON("Software <font size=-1> ".
"(June 14)</font>",
$TBDOCBASE, "software.php3");
WRITESIDEBARBUTTON("People", $TBDOCBASE, "people.php3");
WRITESIDEBARBUTTON("Photo Gallery", $TBDOCBASE, "gallery/gallery.php3");
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