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Commit 748f2f66 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Speaksfor changes; full logging of all destructive operations.

Also an upcall to add speaksfor metadata to logfile.
parent 0b0df3f2
......@@ -453,6 +453,15 @@ sub AddLogfileMetaDataFromSlice($)
AddLogfileMetaData("slice_urn", $slice->urn());
AddLogfileMetaData("slice_uuid", $slice->uuid());
sub AddLogfileMetaDataFromSpeaksFor($)
my ($speaksfor) = @_;
AddLogfileMetaData("speakfor_urn", $speaksfor->target_urn());
AddLogfileMetaData("speakfor_uuid", $speaksfor->target_uuid());
AddLogfileMetaData("speaking_urn", $speaksfor->owner_urn());
AddLogfileMetaData("speaking_uuid", $speaksfor->owner_uuid());
# Use libaudit to capture any output from libraries and programs. We
......@@ -508,11 +517,20 @@ if ($method eq "ListResources" ||
# Do not even bother with logs unless an error.
$nostorelogs = 1;
# We always want as much data as possible for these.
if ($method eq "CreateSliver" ||
$method eq "RedeemTicket" ||
$method eq "GetTicket") {
# We always want as much data as possible for these, since they are
# destructive operations. Eventually we should have the individual
# routines use an upcall to set their own debugging level.
if ($method eq "CreateSliver" ||
$method eq "UpdateSliver" ||
$method eq "DeleteSliver" ||
$method eq "Shutdown" ||
$method eq "GetTicket" ||
$method eq "ReleaseTicket" ||
$method eq "UpdateTicket" ||
$method eq "RedeemTicket" ||
$method eq "DeleteSlice") {
$debug = 2;
$nostorelogs = 0;
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