Commit 73a750e2 authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson
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Don't copy emulab-privkey, and add a copy of the eventserver file.

parent ec8323c2
......@@ -47,7 +47,8 @@ if [ -e $ETCDIR/isrem ]; then
cp -p $ETCDIR/isrem $METCDIR/isrem
cp -p $ETCDIR/bossnode $METCDIR/bossnode
cp -p $ETCDIR/emulab-privkey $METCDIR/emulab-privkey
# cp -p $ETCDIR/emulab-privkey $METCDIR/emulab-privkey
cp -p $ETCDIR/eventserver $METCDIR/eventserver
cp -p $ETCDIR/waconfig $METCDIR/waconfig
cp -p $ETCDIR/client.pem $METCDIR/client.pem
cp -p $ETCDIR/emulab.pem $METCDIR/emulab.pem
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