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Add some of my recent commit messages.

parent 97a59692
ricci 2004/03/23 15:56:53 MST
Added files:
www widearea_nodeinfo.php3
New web page: widearea_nodeinfo.php3
Intended as a replacement for the old widearea_info page, which
was just not scaling with the number of nodes we now have in the
Allows the user to give a set of criteria (such as node, bandwidth,
latency, and packet loss), and grabs links that match those criteria.
ricci 2004/03/16 15:38:16 MST
Modified files:
Use Mike's new sitevars to get timeouts for keepalives.
Also, split out the checks for local vnodes and plab vnodes, since
they can actually have different reporting intervals.
ricci 2004/03/16 14:48:45 MST
Modified files:
Add another part to node_status - move plab phys nodes that have not
checked in for a while into hwdown.
Adding another query to do this was much simpler than trying to make the one
monster query already in this script get what we wanted.
ricci 2004/03/11 17:44:45 MST
Modified files:
www/cvsweb cvsweb.cgi cvsweb.conf
Update to the latest version of cvsweb in the 2.0 branch. (There is
now a 3.0 branch, but it seems substantially different.)
This doesn't solve the problem I was hoping it would (being unable to
grab a tarball of the top-level directory), but I've already done the
work to update...
stoller 2004/03/09 10:43:54 MST
Modified files:
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