Commit 730db7aa authored by Gary Wong's avatar Gary Wong

Send e-mail to users about approved reservations.

parent 270acf10
......@@ -496,13 +496,39 @@ while( 1 ) {
next if( !defined( Reservation->BeginTransaction( $version ) ) );
$res->Book( $modify_idx );
my $s = convert( $starttime );
my $e = convert( $endtime );
if( $approve ) {
# The reservation is approved -- presumably it is either newly
# approved or edited since first approval. E-mail the user
# unconditionally, since it's probably good for them to hear
# either way.
SENDMAIL( $target_user->email(), "Reservation approved",
"Your reservation request for $count $type nodes,\n" .
"starting at $s and ending at\n" .
"$e, has been approved.\n" .
"\n" .
"If you do not intend to use these resources, please\n" .
"cancel this reservation as soon as possible, since\n" .
"the nodes are currently unavailable to other users for\n" .
"the duration of your reservation.\n" .
"\n" .
"Please note that we make no guarantees about the\n" .
"availability or suitability of these nodes for your\n" .
"experiment(s).\n" .
"\n" .
"PLEASE NOTE: Reservations are an experimental\n" .
"testbed feature under active development. Until\n" .
"further notice, you should expect reservation\n" .
"system failures. Please send reports about the\n" .
"reservation system to $TBOPS.\n" .
"Thank you for your assistance in debugging this\n" .
"feature!\n" );
exit( 0 );
} else {
# We just booked a reservation we didn't pre-approve. It requires
# admin attention to be made effective.
my $s = convert( $starttime );
my $e = convert( $endtime );
my $idx = $res->idx();
print STDERR "reserve: reservation is feasible but has NOT yet been approved.\n";
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