Commit 72a909ea authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Fix for when multiple vnodes in the same lan wind up on on the same

pnode. Used to no be allowed, but with multiple routing tables this is
now possible. My code to construct link names on the fly when delay
nodes are inserted, was generating non-unique names which was causing
vlans to be dropped.
parent 8e236ecc
......@@ -1318,8 +1318,16 @@ foreach $plink (keys(%plinks)) {
($nodeD,$portD) = split(":",$nodeportD);
printdb "LAN delay src: other end = $nodeportC $nodeportD\n";
# Construct a name for the delay link. This has to be unique
# since now (with virtual nodes) we can have multiple vnodes
# from the same lan, on the same pnode, without using veths.
# Multiple routing tables made this possible.
my $dlink = $lan . "/dlink/" . (split(":", $virtA))[0];
printdb " VLANS:\n";
AddVlan("link", $lan . "-delay" . $nodeA, $nodeportA, $nodeportB);
AddVlan("link", $dlink, $nodeportA, $nodeportB);
AddVlan("lan", $lan, $nodeportD);
my ($member0,$delay,$bandwidth,$loss,
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