Commit 726314c1 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Get the trafgen-fetch working again

parent 6cdccbd2
......@@ -18,15 +18,16 @@ ifeq ($(SYSTEM),FreeBSD)
SUBDIRS += sched delay-agent nsetrafgen stated
all: all-subdirs
all: trafgen-fetch all-subdirs
include $(TESTBED_SRCDIR)/GNUmakerules
# XXX Yeah, this doesn't belong here but I can't make the trafgen
# makefile work if it unpacks the tarball itself
$(SRCDIR)/trafgen/tg-install $(SRCDIR)/trafgen
trafgen: trafgen-fetch
@$(MAKE) -C lib install
@$(MAKE) -C sched install
......@@ -57,4 +58,4 @@ distclean: distclean-subdirs
@$(MAKE) -C $(dir $@) $(basename $(notdir $@))
%-subdirs: $(addsuffix /%.MAKE,$(SUBDIRS)) ;
.PHONY: $(SUBDIRS) trafgen-fetch
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