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Entry for frisbee overhaul.

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mike 2003/04/09 15:18:00 MDT
Semi-major frisbee overhaul:
Implement PREQUEST message which passes a bit map of desired blocks.
We still use the REQUEST message (start block + number of blocks) for
full chunk requests as that is more efficient.
Allow dynamic number of variable-sized write buffers. Total memory
not to exceed the writebufmem limit.
Eliminate a complete copy of the uncompressed data in the client.
Fix a bug in the client where we would not keep our request-ahead window full.
Fix a bug in the server where we would not merge incoming requests with
the request currently being serviced.
The above changes/bugfixes gave us about a 5% improvement in run time locally.
Add some client/server convenience options. For the server, -W allows
specification of a target bandwidth. For the client, -C, -W and -M
give various ways of specifying how much memory to use for net/disk
Security: -S option tells client to only accept packets from a specific
IP address.
stoller 2003/04/08 03:03:01 MDT
Update Linux image to Redhat 7.3. The old image is still available to
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