Commit 71fe299d authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Don't fail if we cannot lookup the default OSID for a node.

This is only used to determine if we can skip reloading the disk
(as is, or rather was, the case with some osids).  If we cannot
get the osinfo, we just force the disk to be reloaded.
parent 50ac91b4
......@@ -322,13 +322,16 @@ foreach my $node (@freed_nodes) {
my $clean;
if (defined($def_boot_osid)) {
# OSinfo lookup could fail if the OSID was removed at a bad time,
# so treat a failure as non-fatal and force a clean.
my $osinfo = OSinfo->Lookup($def_boot_osid);
if (!defined($osinfo)) {
print "*** Unable to lookup OSinfo object for $def_boot_osid\n";
if (defined($osinfo)) {
$clean = $osinfo->mustclean();
} else {
$clean = 1;
$clean = $osinfo->mustclean();
if ($isvirt || !$imageable) {
# VIRTNODE HACK: Virtual nodes are special. Do not clean or reload.
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