Commit 71b82cc4 authored by Mac Newbold's avatar Mac Newbold

First batch of changes for adding TBCOMMAND events. Currently, here's what

is supported:

- stated listens for TBCOMMAND events, and currently handles REBOOT,
  POWEROFF, POWERON, and POWERCYCLE events. It does everything except make
  the actual calls to node_reboot and power. And it accepts batches of
  nodes instead of just single ones.

- Timeouts were added to the db for these commands, with no timeout for
  the power ones (since the node can't hang during those), and a 15 second
  timeout from reboot until the SHUTDOWN state.

- If a rebootimes out, it tries it again, up to 3 times. If it gets to
  three times without working, it sends mail to tbops and turns the
  machine off instead of continuing to reboot it. Right now I haven't
  made it do node_reboot -f or power cycle on retries, but it easily

- Stuff to be done before they work: make node_reboot send an event
  instead of doing the work, and make a new script that has node_reboot's
  old guts. Note that this requires authentication in our events for these
  commands, and a way to make sure that the command that came in as an
  event was properly authenticated.

- For future growth and expansion, it is set up so it should be relatively
  easy to add other commands that do different things, even if they take
  arbitrary params that aren't nodes or lists of nodes.
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