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Beginnings of an elabinelab setup doc.

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These are the beginnings of instructions on how to enable the Emulab-in-Emulab
facility in an already functioning Emulab-derived testbed. These are based on
the many helpful comments of Keith Sklower who has been the unanticipated,
yet willing guinea pig. Thanks Keith!
There is no real structure here yet, just a list of things to do to avoid
excessive pain. Setting up a so-called "inner-elab" can take 10 minutes or
more, and having to sit through 9.5 of those minutes only to be foiled by
a missing file, is frustrating.
1. Install an Emulab source tarball. This is needed to setup the boss, ops
and fs nodes. The boss-side of the elabinelab setup expects this to be
in the src subdirectory of your installed Emulab tree (typically
/usr/testbed). There is a GNUmakefile target to do this. In your boss
install tree do:
gmake elabinelab
This will tar up the source directory associated with your running boss
node. Presumably this is the stable source that you want to use in
2. Install a tarball of the MFSes used for node discovery, disk loading,
and general admin. The boss-side expects this to be in
/usr/testbed/www/downloads/tftpboot-elabinelab.tar.gz. You can use
the "generic" tftpboot tarball you downloaded from Emulab:
Note that there is a tftpboot-elabinelab.tar.gz file in that directory
as well. While you may be sorely tempted to download and use that..don't.
This is the tarball for OUR elabinelab setup and may not be compatible
with your setup.
You may want to localize the contents of your MFSes. See update-mfs.txt
for details.
3. Install tarballs for the standard FreeBSD packages. These are the
packages that contain third-party apps that Emulab uses (e.g., apache).
Again, use the tarballs you downloaded from Emulab:
and put them in your downloads directory.
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