Commit 7190f95d authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

Talk about what might be done to use TRIM on SSDs.

parent f8434aad
......@@ -226,3 +226,14 @@ Things to do for image*:
and that is true. But in those cases the disk is clearly fast enough to
keep up and it doesn't need any help! So it will benefit the cases that
14. Support for TRIM.
Both FreeBSD and Linux have block-level support for erase operations
that use the TRIM interface on SSDs. Imagezip and imageunzip/frisbee
could use this. For imagezip, this would involve ensuring that free
ranges are in erase-sized (256K) pieces and appropriately aligned
where possible. This would allow imageunzip to inform the OS when it
encounters an aligned, appropriate-sized free range that can be erased.
Hmm...though it appears that FreeBSD doesn't export an "erase" command
to user-mode, only to filesystems. Linux does, at least "hdparm" supports
"--trim-sector-ranges" which uses it to erase sections of a disk.
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