Commit 71621c1a authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Small elabinelab bug fix; Allow from "activating" experiments, so that

experiments can be auto fired during swapin.
parent 210acd7b
......@@ -3465,8 +3465,8 @@ class elabinelab:
output="Not an elabinelab experiment: " +
res[0][1] + "/" + res[0][2]);
# Experiment must be active (not swapping say).
if res[0][4] != "active":
# Experiment must be active (not swapping out).
if (not (res[0][4] == "active" or res[0][4] == "activating")):
return EmulabResponse(RESPONSE_ERROR,
output="Experiment is not active: " +
res[0][1] + "/" + res[0][2]);
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