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Frisbee README version 0.4 of Tue Oct 21 16:55:36 MDT 2003
This is a "raw" tarball of our development tree which includes the NTFS
source for imagezip (which was not in the original 0.3 release). It is raw
in the sense that it has files that will have to be customized
(and otherwise hacked) to work. The source also has a few bug fixes and new
features that were not in 0.3:
- fix bug which would cause corrupt ext2fs images if the
filesystem superblock's s_first_data_block field was non-zero.
- fix bug in frisbee server where it would report a negative size
to the client resulting in severe core-age.
- support for smart compression of FAT filesystems in imagezip.
- support for extended partitions in imagezip.
This tarball also includes source for "growdisk", a program run post-Frisbee
on our machines to extend partitions, and the FreeBSD startup script (in the
misc subdir) we use to invoke Frisbee.
The rest of this file is the standard release README ...
Frisbee README version 0.3 of Wed Jul 1 13:42:19 MDT 2003.
(This is a possibly out of date copy of:
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