Commit 6f7dfcfd authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Minor fix to test that flags the node is in the recovery MFS.

parent f6d6adda
......@@ -1718,9 +1718,10 @@ sub GenerateStatusBlob($)
$state = "stopped"
if ($state eq "new");
# See if booted into the admin or recovery MFS (not frisbee).
# See if booted into the recovery MFS (not admin or frisbee).
my $recovery = 0;
if ($node->temp_boot_osid()) {
if ($node->recoverymfs_osid() && $node->temp_boot_osid() &&
$node->recoverymfs_osid() == $node->temp_boot_osid()) {
$recovery = 1;
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