Commit 6f617dcd authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci
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Add boost as a dependency, for the new assign.

parent ee4fc6ef
......@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@ the default versions in the FreeBSD 4.3 "ports" collection:
(Ports marked with an 'L' are only needed if you have local nodes.)
apache+mod_ssl-1.3.19+2.8.2 The Apache 1.3 webserver with SSL/TLS functionalit
boost-1.26.0 Free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries
cvsupd-bin-16.1 A general network file distribution system optimized for C
fping-2.2b1 Quickly ping N hosts w/o flooding the network
gd-1.8.4_1 A graphics library for fast PNG creation
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