Commit 6f287894 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Attempt to proactively tear down nested LVM setups.

Hopefully, this will decrease the chances that a vnode teardown will
fail due to a busy LV.
parent b6057549
......@@ -2901,6 +2901,23 @@ sub vnodeDestroy($$$$)
ReleaseIFBs($vmid, $private)
if (exists($private->{'ifbs'}));
# XXX before we destroy disks, we need to tear down any LVM VG/PVs
# that were setup inside the vnode by the storage subsystem. There
# should only be one VG but possibly multiple PVs.
my $vnodevg = "emulab-$vnode_id";
my @vnodepvs = `pvs -o vg_name,pv_name --noheadings | grep $vnodevg`;
if (@vnodepvs > 0) {
chomp @vnodepvs;
mysystem2("vgremove -f $vnodevg");
foreach my $vnodepv (@vnodepvs) {
if ($vnodepv =~ /$vnodevg\s+(\S+)$/) {
mysystem2("pvremove -f $1");
# Destroy the all the disks.
foreach my $key (keys(%{ $private->{'disks'} })) {
my $lvname;
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